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I'm Ernesto.
I bring power to people.

My first professional experiences where in the cinematic world and led me to understand a team as the minimum indivisible unit of a project.

I am currently Staff Product Designer at PayFit, and Staff Product Designer at Toptal. Previously Product Design Specialist at Creditas Fintech, Head of Studio at Idean (Country Leader at Backelite), and UX Designer at Capgemini. I am also a guest professor at EASD, "Universidad de Valencia", UXER SCHOOL, IEM Business School, "Barreira Arte y Diseño", EDEM and GeeksHubs Academy.

I am a designer specialized in user experience, service design, interaction design, digital strategy, and art direction. I help my clients design, build and launch their products with a focus on the user. I am committed to production and development.

I create strategy and visualization of ideas based on data. I do it by guiding projects, creative processes from any device to the Internet.

I work as a connector between technology and design. I'm driven to make complex experiences simple through the principles of Design for Persuasion, Emotion, Trust, and Honesty. Experienced in Agile and Lean methodologies. I am a mentor, with passion to inspire people and share knowledge.

Keep in mind you have to understand the user's needs, behavior and environment.
The new experience has to be integrated into systems where the service is embedded.
Key metrics have to be analyzed in order to learn and improve from results.

Professional skills

Sometimes I am on the green line, sometimes I walk on the grey one. Always as a team.

Design Thinking50
Service Design50
UX Design50
Design System50
Web development50

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